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About the Academy


About the Academy

IPIC Academy strives to become the Centre of Excellence for all IP training programs in the region and Africa as a whole. This is in view of its mandate to promote the development of the intellectual property system in Africa through the development of human capital in the field of IP, and development of capacity building courses and materials on intellectual property. In implementing its mandate, the IPIC Academy also fosters partnerships and cooperation with other IP institutions worldwide.

In our IP Academy we provide trainings and educational activities for:

  • students and youth;
  • scientific and pedagogical staff of educational institutions;
  • startups, creative industries;
  • public sector;
  • representatives of business, professional communities, interested in IP.

Moreover, IP Academy provides development and promotion of training material in the sphere of IP, publications on current issues and initiates round-table discussions for associations of scientists and experts on the development of IP in Kenya.

We offer a wide range of programs that include general IP courses, entrepreneurship Programs, Innovation programs, research, IP awareness programs, tailor-made courses, internships, development of training modules, as well as supporting the development of IP Policies for institutions.

Anti counterfeiting, administrative actions, raids and seizures of counterfeit products

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Acquisition & Divestiture of Trade Mark Rights 

Corporate Structure Changes relating to Trademark matters

Domain Name disputes related to Trademark

Due diligence relating to Trademark Rights

Enforcement of Trademark Rights

E-Commerce related Trademark issues

Franchising and Licensing

Infringements, Unfair Competition & Passing-off

Investigation & Watch Services


Portfolio Management

Trade Mark Searching and Clearance

Trademark filings & prosecution