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Industrial Training

Industrial Training

We offer tailor-made courses for industries. We have a range of training courses and content to help industries, SMEs, NGOs and research intensive organisations boost intellectual property awareness and utilize the IP System for economic gains.

From understanding what IP is, through to the methods to protect and commercialese it, our flexible training content is designed to rapidly and cost-effectively raise IP awareness level among both researchers and employees. 

We can also develop bespoke training plans based on identified training needs.

IPIC skilled in-house training team has experience in the development and delivery of IP training for a range of idndustries, covering an array of learner levels and needs. Relevant training experience includes:

  • Development of IP training for business development managers at industries and SMEs
  • Development for IP training course for Industrial Liaison managers
  • Provision of IP training to academics, business entrepreneurs and new-start companies via the IPIC Innovation hub
  • Provision of IP training and awareness support to SMEs

Successful IP training provision starts with a clear understanding of industry’s strategic, operational or project driven IP goals. We will work with you to understand your IP strategy, policies and procedures together with your industrial and individual training needs. We will then create a focused and cost-effective IP training plan to ensure your objectives and outcomes are met.