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Traditional Knowledge


Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge (TK) is knowledge, know-how, skills and practices that are developed, sustained and passed on from generation to generation within a community, often forming part of its cultural or spiritual identity. TK can be found in a wide variety of contexts, including agricultural, scientific, technical, ecological and medicinal knowledge as well as biodiversity-related knowledge.

While the IP system is built on scientific and contemporary knowledge, TK and Traditional cultural expressions (TCEs) are built on experiential knowledge, going beyond the inexplicable aspect such as spiritual and ritualistic world.

At IPIC, we continue to build capacity in Kenya, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We intend to roll out a program that will be extremely valuable resource for Kenyans. With the help from knowledgeable staff, we develop PIC and MAT and also assist SMEs in moving forward with commercialization of products and/or processes. PIC can facilitate access to county and National innovation programming through our center.

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